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We are pleased to announce to the many enthusiastic users of Watermaster in the USA, as Mark Twain did in his famous 1897 cable:

"The report of my death was an exaggeration"

It was the founder and president of Watermaster of America, Inc., who regrettably passed away, not the famous Watermaster battery watering cap. Watermaster of America, Inc. lost its valuable business motivator - four years later ceased operating. (see notification)

Fetter & Henderson (Pty) Ltd pioneered the Watermaster battery watering cap in 1983 for use in the eleven-thousand-feet-deep goldmines of South Africa and has been manufacturing this product, exporting to the USA, Europe and Australia, ever since. Watermaster of America, Inc. then began  to distribute our Watermaster battery watering caps exclusively in the US in 1984.

Fetter & Henderson (Pty) Ltd designed and manufactured the watering control valves that were installed on the largest battery in the world (1988) - the 40 megawatt-hour load leveling battery installation at Chino, near Los Angeles, USA. The watering control valves included flame arrestors and stbine/ arsine traps. Total of 8256 cells individually rated at 3250 Ah, designed to provide 4000 deep cycles, containing 1560 tons of lead, 480 tons of sulfuric acid - installed cost of $13,560,000.
Watermaster has been by far the most popular, most dependable battery watering cap for  use on large coal mining equipment batteries (64 cell, 1500+ Ah) in the USA for over 15 years.
We would like to appoint a new, exclusive distributor for this popular product in the United States of America. Please contact us.
Customers who purchased our  Watermaster products in the US over these many years are important to us and until there is a new distributor we are happy to assist customers with their inquiries.   
Please contact us about becoming a US distributor at: 
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